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143 Million People Affected by the Equifax Breach – Are You Among Them?

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Hacks happen all the time, but some are more important than others. The world was recently shaken by news of Equifax breach, which affected nearly half of the United States population, or 143 million individuals, to be exact!

Why Is This So Important?

Upon realizing that their data has been hacked, Equifax started to assess the damage, and the results were frightening. Criminals had free access to all sorts of personal information, from Social Security numbers, to addresses and driver’s license numbers. Even worse, 209,000 credit card numbers were stolen, which means that the SEO and chairman of Equifax, Richrad F.Smith is finding himself in a world of trouble these days.

Events That Escalated The Situation Even Further

In the following days after the breach, three major Equifax executives reportedly sold almost $2 million worth of shares. While the company claims that the executives were unaware of a breach that happened, it left a stain on their name.

The whole situation became even more complicated after the chief information officers and chief security suddenly decided to „retire“. Media relations expert, Ed Zitron claimed that this scam was Equifax’s way of letting everyone off the hook without mentioning any names in the process.

Naturally, many politicians and large portions of the general population were outraged by these actions, and more than 23 class-action lawsuits were filed to this day. To make matters worse for the company, both Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau put Equifax under investigation.

Here’s How To Find Out If You Were Affected

After the hack happened, Equifax decided to offer a service named TrustedID Premier, which gives users a full year of credit file monitoring, as well as identity theft protection. It’s worth mentioning that agreeing to this service doesn’t force you to waive your legal rights, which leaves the possibility for action-class lawsuit wide open.

To find out whether your data has been compromised, head over to the Equifax’s „potential impact“ hub. From there, all you have to do is to enter your last name, as well as the last 6 figures from your Social Security Number.

What your next move would be is totally up to you, but choose wisely. The one thing we’d advise is to monitor your bank accounts, credit cards and credit report in order to stay one step ahead of the hackers.

What are your thoughts?

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